Sheltered Housing Liaison Group

This group brings together City of Edinburgh Council sheltered housing tenants to work with the Council on tenants’ issues.  The Sheltered Housing Liaison Group (SHLG) is currently using a human rights based approach to tackle a number of issues.  In early 2018, the SHLG decided to carry out a survey of tenants to find out about similar issues throughout the city.  Thinking about Human Rights the group learned about:



Non-Discrimination and Equality,

Empowerment and


Or the PANEL principles and planning for a survey began. Training on participatory research methods took place, with representatives conducting the survey door – door.

The survey focussed on current accommodation, housing support, social support and the Community Alarm Telecare Service.

The results were collated and the issues were themed around international, nation and local policies, including through a human rights lens.  A report was launched at and presented to the City of Edinburgh Council at a conference for sheltered housing tenants in October 2018.  A human rights monitoring group was also launched at the conference, where sheltered housing tenants will monitor how progress is being made on the issues highlighted.

Following the conference, the SHLG will draft up an action plan in moving forward, including how wider sheltered housing tenants can become involved and how meetings with the Council will take place.

Members’ Survey | 2018

We are very keen to know what our Members think of the work that we do in order to continually improve services and offer opportunities for involvement.

You can win a £25 shopping voucher by giving the Federation feedback on our work. Whether you’re involved with ETF as an individual or as one of our Member Groups, we’d love to hear your experiences about being involved, as well as your priorities for ETF in the coming year.

We use this information to check how we’re performing, to report to our funders (City of Edinburgh Council) and more importantly to make sure that as YOUR Federation the work we do reflects tenants’ priorities.

Our new deadline for completing the surveys is Friday 30th March 2018.  When completing the surveys you will be entered into the prize draw.

Members groups can complete this survey.

Individuals can complete this survey.

If you’d like help to complete the questionnaire or would prefer a paper copy, please contact the Federation office on 0131 475 2509 or email [email protected].

ETF Repairs Group

Our members are tenants and residents from across the city and we meet regularly to discuss the Council’s repairs service and what improvements we would like to see made.

The ETF Repairs Group meets on a quarterly basis and some of the topics that have been discussed at meetings this year have included future plans for the group Repairs Direct and the Council’s Shared Repairs Service.

You can find out more about the ETF Repairs Group.  

Get Involved with Edinburgh Tenants Federation

There are many ways to get involved with Edinburgh Tenants Federation. You could:

Join the Tenants’ Panel

If you’re a City of Edinburgh Council tenant, you can also join the Tenants’ Panel. This is an informal way for Council tenants to get involved in shaping the housing service.

You would be invited to take part in different ways. You might be asked to fill in a short survey or join a discussion. You could be invited on an estate walkabout or to a conference. It’s entirely up to you how little or how much you take part. Any tenant and their family members, 16 plus and living with them, can join.

If you are interested in joining the Tenants’ Panel or would like more information please phone 0131 529 7805 or email [email protected].


Members Only Content

Members Only Content is under development.

Members Only: Federation papers

Members Only: Federation papers