Executive Committee Members

Our Executive Committee is elected by the membership at our Annual General Meeting. Current members of our Executive Committee are listed below;

Name Group
1. John Aitken North Sighthill Residents Association
2. Christine Hudson Laichfield Community Association
3. Terry Kirby Wharton Square Residents Group
4. Irina Lazarenko Minorities Initiative Residents Association
5. Damien May  West Cromwell Street, Persevere and Citadel Court Residents Association
6. Betty Stone  Birnies Court Tenants & Residents Association
7. Davie Thomson Redbraes Residents Association
8. Paul Vaughan Gateside Tenants & Residents Association
9. Maud Wylie Hailesland Park Neighbourhood Council
10. Robyn Kane Appointee


Members of the Executive Committee can be contacted in the first instance via the Federation office by phoning 0131 475 2509 or emailing [email protected].