About Edinburgh Tenants Federation

Edinburgh Tenants Federation is a voluntary organisation that works to ensure that tenants and residents of all landlords can participate fully in the development and implementation of proposals relating to the social, economic, physical and environmental regeneration of the communities of Edinburgh.

We provide a network for bringing local organisations together to work on issues of collective interests.

We provide events for people to participate individually and through their groups in decision making about their homes, locality and environment.

We promote tenants’ rights and the maintenance and improvement of their homes and environment.

We work to ensure maximum tenant participation in the development and implementation of a coherent housing strategy across Edinburgh, complete with associated housing policies and management services.

We work in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council to ensure that the aims and objectives of the Tenant Participation Strategy are carried forward.

We work to unify and strengthen tenants’ and residents’ associations in Edinburgh, and we assist and encourage the setting up of tenants’ and residents’ associations.

We provide independent advice, information and learning opportunities for tenants.

We help members to exchange information and provide mutual support across the communities and localities of Edinburgh.

We provide information to our members, and are an important source of information, views and analysis. We produce Tenants Voice, an Annual Report and regular briefing notesOur website, Facebook and Twitter pages are updated on a regular basis.

We co-ordinate and represent our members on strategic city-wide initiatives to achieve common goals.

We help and support our members in making their own representations to further their objectives at community and locality levels.

We co-operate with and associate with other organisations, local, citywide, or national, on matters of common concern.

We respond to consultations on matters which could affect housing and tenants.

You can find out more about the work of ETF, by clicking on the link ETF Briefing Note July 2021.

For more information please contact the Federation office.