Accessibility on this website

We have tried to ensure that this website is as accessible as possible. If you are having a problem please contact us, and we will do our best to help. You can also contact us by telephone, 0131 475 2509.

Colour Contrasts

There is a tool located to the left margin of each page that allows you to change the colour contrasts on the site, e.g. one option available is higher contrast between text and background colours.

Browser Preferences

Changing the preferences on your Web browser may help to make the site easier to use. It is possible to change text size and colour as well as background colours by making changes in the preferences or options section of your browser. The exact details of how to do this will be different for each type of browser so experimentation may be the order of the day.

The BBC has a very good page that covers a range of issues related to customising the settings of your web browser to make pages more accessible.

We welcome your feedback if you are finding it difficult to access any of the content.