ETF Issues Groups

Groups are set up when a specific issue needs to be tackled on an ongoing basis. They bring together representatives from tenants’ groups across the city that are concerned about the specific issue.

Groups are used to develop ideas, policies and campaigns on a city-wide basis. They are chaired by a member of the Executive Committee who will usually act as spokesperson on that particular issue. The groups may recommend policy and a plan of action to the Executive Committee for approval.

Most groups currently meet every three months. Members of the groups may also be asked to represent the Federation in its work with relevant landlord staff.

We currently have three groups in operation; RepairsHigh Flats and Sheltered Housing Liaison Group.  Each group has its own page which you can access by clicking the relevant link.

The Tenant Led Inspection Group has completed an inspection of the City of Edinburgh Council’s approach to Rent Collection Communication and we are always on the look out for new inspectors.

Most groups are open to all members. If you would like to get involved please follow the relevant link or contact the Federation office for more information.