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The Poverty Alliance, a national anti-poverty campaigning charity in Scotland, is conducting research with people living in Edinburgh to hear their experiences about struggling financially and living on a low income in Edinburgh.  We are asking people to share their experiences – we want to understand the issues that are facing individuals and families.  These experiences may be around housing, employment, benefits and costs of living in Edinburgh.  We want to understand how these experiences have impacted on people as well as people’s views on support and services available in their local area.  We also want to understand what people living in the city think needs to change.

This research is important as it will be fed back to the Edinburgh Poverty Commission, an independent group, who are seeking to understand what’s driving one in five families into poverty in the city and map out responses.

If you are interested in taking part in an interview for this research please get in touch. As a small token of thanks, we have £15 vouchers to give for your time.  For more information, please contact Laura Robertson, Research Officer, Poverty Alliance by calling 0141 353 0440/07709121454 or email [email protected]

Laura Robertson, Research Officer, Poverty Alliance

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