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Hope Award

Hi everyone, my name is Robyn Kane and I’m the current Chairperson of the Moredun Multis and Maisonettes Residents Association.  During the week of 20th June 2022, I was awarded the Hope Award from the lovely Community Champions in Morrisons, Moredun.

As the Hope Award is a community-based vote, I am deeply grateful to have been recognised for my work!  Receiving any award is an honour but this particular one means a great deal to me as it was voted on by the local Moredun community.  I have lived and volunteered in the Moredun area for a large part of my life.  Therefore to be recognised by the local people for all my work is just heart-warming and I’m absolutely flattered to receive this award.

I do hope that I can keep up the momentum that has been building to ensure Moredun is a better place for the community to live in.  This is also very personal for me as growing up in the area I watched my grandma and other residents fight to improve the lives and facilities for local people.  I want to continue this in her memory and for the people of Moredun as well.  There is a lot of very exciting work taking place in Moredun and I’m really excited to be part of it.

Robyn receiving her award from Morrisons

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