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Why tenants’ groups need volunteers to succeed

My name is Paul Vaughan and I’m currently the Chair of Gateside Tenants and Residents Association (GTRA) in Kirkliston.  Our Registered Tenant Organisation is very active and we work throughout the year.  When we finish one project then it’s the start of another. It’s the same with other RTOs and community groups throughout Edinburgh, but in out work with GTRA, we have found it challenging at times.

Although most RTOs and community groups have good committees, it’s often not enough.  That’s why they often depend on volunteers from the community to make things happen.  If they don’t get enough volunteers and helpers then events may need to be cancelled.  people often sit back and think to themselves, it’s ok, there will be enough people to cover certain events, but in many cases it’s a struggle to recruit volunteers.

You are being pushy by offering to help out in any way you can, even if it is just offering to help make a cup of tea.  RTOs like GTRA and community groups depend on volunteers in order to be successful.  If you have never done volunteering before then I would definitely recommend it.


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