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Let’s make sure tenants voices are heard-to make a difference

Back in the 1980/90s, a group of us campaigned for safety in Tower Blocks resulting in the demolition of nine Large Panel System (LPS) post war blocks in Londons’ Docklands.  This also led to a movement to connect tower block tenants across the country which resulted in many positive outcomes including changes in Building Regulations.

Shocked that the Grenfell Tower fire could have happened we’ve formed a network again and set up a website as a hub for sharing information and resources with groups and individuals who live in, or are concerned about tower block housing safety issues in the UK. Times have changed but not always for the better.  Please visit the website which explores some of the history, why it’s relevant today, how we can now work together, subscribe to the newsletter, or volunteer your experience.  We update the website regularly, especially the news section and upload relevant videos.  We are particularly concerned about LPS blocks as they are reaching the end of their expected lifespan.

Dame Judith Hackett has reviewed Building Regulations since the Grenfell fire and recommended, amongst other things, “effective resident involvement and engagement in order to develop a national culture of engagement for residents of all tenures”.

In June I was fortunate to visit Edinburgh, the Moredun estate and I met with Heather Ford, Maud Wylie, Cath O’Shea and Mark Henry from Edinburgh Tenants Federation.  I was particularly impressed by the progressive Human Rights approach you have taken and your emphasis on how to achieve a proper equal partnership with the Council.  We have much to learn from each other and support each other in. I am hopeful that this is the beginning of a good working partnership which can help to build that national culture ensuring the tenants voice is always heard and acted upon.

Liz Lowe

Tower Blocks UK

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