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The Work of Shelter Scotland

Shelter Scotland have created a consultation and peer-led model called Time for Change, that includes the voices of people experiencing homelessness and housing problems in shaping and designing solutions to local problems. Time for Change Edinburgh began in April 2019 and since then we have:

  • Held local consultations on local problems and solutions, through the voices of those affected by homelessness and housing problems;
  • Held a Consultation Event;
  • Involvement from eight Time for Change peers – local people experiencing homelessness or housing problems who have a passion to make change;
  • Designed and delivered a local Sleep Walk march, which Edinburgh Tenants Federation.

The Time for Change peers have an incredible passion to make real change and have helped buddy people to the Shelter Scotland hub to meet advisors and met people in communities who they have signposted to available help.

Lisa, Time for Change peer, believes it is time “to change opinions of homelessness”. She reflects on her experiences of homelessness, and how people need to understand how it affects people individually, what they experience in temporary accommodation, and the consequences on families e.g. prison, families being split, etc.

Lyndsey, Hub Support Volunteer and Time for Change peer explains her involvement, “I have been involved for some time, I have participated in the questionnaires [consultation] at various places like the prison, Salvation Army hostels. It was very interesting hearing other people’s stories”. Lyndsey also explains what the experience has been like for the peers involved from her perspective, “All the peers have got different things from Time for Change, but we all want the same thing, to make a change to homelessness”.

Time for Change peers want to see more social housing, better social housing, and housing available to local people to help prevent homelessness in Edinburgh and communities. We would love to hear from more people who live in social housing in Edinburgh, so if you would like to make your voice heard – get in touch.

The Sleep Walk for Shelter

Nicola Hazelton, Edinburgh Hub Manager, Shelter Scotland


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