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Delivering their 500th device
People Know How have delivered their 500th device as part of their Computer Delivery project.

Digital exclusion
The Scottish charity People Know How began Computer Delivery when lockdown began, refurbishing donated devices and delivering them to people in Edinburgh and East Lothian experiencing digital exclusion, in partnership with Venture Scotland. The project grew popular quickly, demonstrating the effect that lockdown has had in revealing the prevalence of digital exclusion in our communities.
Thanks to donations and the support of their volunteers, they have been able to deliver 500 devices, and are on track to deliver 1,000 by the end of the year. To mark this special occasion, they invited Ben Macpherson, MSP for Edinburgh Northern & Leith, to make the delivery to one of his constituents.

Meeting the Digital Champions
First stop was 525 Ferry Road as Ben Macpherson stopped by to meet the Digital Champions outside People Know How’s main office. Digital Champions volunteer their time to refurbish and deliver donated devices and provide follow-up phone calls for device set-up and support. Some also take part in People Know How’s operation of the Connecting Scotland national helpline, offering phone support for people across the country who have received a device from Connecting Scotland. Ben Macpherson discussed the projects with Digital Champions Paul and Ruairidh, alongside project coordinator Nigel and Venture Scotland’s CEO David.

The delivery
After coming by the office building, Nigel met Ben Macpherson in Leith, where Mark, the 500th recipient, awaited his delivery of a laptop and keyboard. With the parcel safely in hand, Mark and Ben Macpherson discussed what life had been like under lockdown in this constituency, including finding access to hot meals in the local area. Mark also mentioned he was excited to open his new device to play games and most importantly to video call friends and family abroad.

Ben Macpherson commented, “It’s remarkable that People Know How have delivered 500 devices and it’s great to see the work actively reaching people in the community. I’m very grateful to everyone involved for all they’ve done to help and empower so many people in these challenging times.”

Looking towards the 1,000th delivery
Now that they’ve delivered their 500th device it’s onto People Know How’s next goal of delivering 1,000 devices. After a large donation from HSBC they now have the number of devices they need to meet this next milestone and they can’t wait to keep refurbishing, delivering and providing support in the community.
People Know How would like to thank those who have donated, funded and made this project possible, including individuals and organisations such as Good Things Foundation, National Lottery, University of Edinburgh, HSBC, Change Recruitment Group, Venture Scotland, Inverclyde Community Development Trust, Parabola, The Clothworkers’ Foundation, Scran Academy, Edinburgh Remakery and the Cordis Trust.

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Claudia Baldacchino
Graphic Designer & Communications Officer, People Know How

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