All about the money: Tenant rents, services and investments!

‘All about the money: Tenant rents, services and investments!’ was the topic of conversation at a lively Federation Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd September 2021.  The City of Edinburgh Council’s (CEC) Rent Consultation is a very important subject for Edinburgh’s tenants and as a result there were some interesting and honest discussions throughout the meeting.

Lisa Mallon, Enabling & Partnership Operations Manager, gave an overview of the consultation and what CEC is proposing.  There was a question and answer session thereafter which scrutinised CEC’s plans in more detail.  Attendees were then involved in breakout sessions which discussed aspects such as:

  • Do you feel the rent you pay is good value for money?
  • Do you support CEC’s overall investment plan?
  • Would you support rents being set over the long term in Edinburgh?
  • What are your priorities for investment?

The discussions in the breakout rooms will help to formulate ETF’s response to CEC’s Rent Consultation.  Elsewhere in the meeting, attendees were also able to hear about the work ETF has carried out over the last couple of months as we discussed our Progress Report.

ETF’s Convenor Betty Stone commented, “We would like to thank CEC staff for attending our Federation Meeting.  There were a lot of good discussions in both the breakout rooms and we would like to thank everyone who attended our Federation Meeting as their views will help to shape ETF’s response to the Rent Consultation.  This is hugely important to the future of housing in Edinburgh and we would like to encourage as many CEC tenants as possible to respond.”

CEC’s Rent Consultation is online by clicking here and closes on Wednesday 8th December 2021.