News from Willowbrae and Duddingston Residents’ Association


Willowbrae and Duddingston Residents’ Association were delighted to be supported by Scotmid Co-operative with a small grant to host a Christmas party for their residents and liven up their day with a lovely social get-together. 22 residents were able to make it and they had quite a feast! Soup for starters, followed by steak pie or turkey and to top it all of there was both trifle and Christmas pudding to be had with coffee, tea and shortbread for all.  Full and merry, with their Christmas cracker hats on, the residents were then treated to some music. The accordion player did a fantastic job, singing many songs everybody knew and so inciting a great singalong. Some residents even had the chance to grab the mic themselves, accompanied by the accordion, and they enjoyed the opportunity to sing. Everybody had a wonderful time with music and dancing, and the party was a great success.