Members of ETF: Residents and Tenants Groups

Group Area Contact

Belgrave Place Residents’ Association

Belgrave Place Via the Federation Office.

Bingham Neighbourhood Association

Bingham and Duddingston Row Derek Ramsay, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

Birnies Court Tenants & Residents Group

Birnies Court High Rise Block Via the Federation Office.

Calders Sheltered Housing Association

2,4 and 6 Calder Drive and numbers 87 to 125 Calder Gardens Via the Federation Office.

Coillesdene Complex Neighbourhood Association

Coillesdene Sheltered Housing Complex Derek Ramsay, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

Craigmillar Castle Regeneration Group

Craigmillar Castle Gardens; Loan and Road, Niddrie Farm Grove, Castlebrae Grove; Place; Green; Wynd; Glebe; Rigg, Castlepark Gait, Castleview Drive; Grove. Derek Ramsay, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

Craigour Drive and Green Residents and Owners Association

Craigour Drive and Craigour Green Via the Federation Office.

Dumbryden Neighbourhood Council

Dumbryden Gardens and Dumbryden Grove Via the Federation Office.

East Pilton Crewe Residents Association

East Pilton Crewe Via the Federation Office.

Goosander Residents Association

Goosander and surrounding homes of the new build Via the Federation Office.

Gordon Street / Manderson Street Residents Association

Gordon Street and Manderson Street Via the Federation Office.

Granton, Royston & Wardieburn Association

Area bounded by Crewe Road North, Wardie Crescent, Boswell Parkway and West Granton Road Via the Federation Office.

Greendykes Neighbourhood Association

Greendykes, Matthew Street, Woolmet Place, Tudsbury Avenue, and Wauchope House & Greendykes House high rise flats Carol Clydesdale, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

Hailesland Park Neighbourhood Council

Hailesland Park Via the Federation Office.

Hays Neighbourhood Association

Hays and Cakemuir, Moffat Way, Collier Place & Niddrie Mains Drive Carol Clydesdale, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

Hyvot & Moredun Residents Association

Hyvot and Moredun Regeneration Area

Via the Federation Office

email –

website –

Inch Community Association

The Inch area Via the Federation Office.

Laichfield Community Association

Laichfield and Chesser Loan Via the Federation Office.

Madelvic Square Residents Association

Waterfront, Madelvic Square Via the Federation Office

Magdalene Neighbourhood Association

Magdalene Place; Gardens; Glen; Drive; Loan; Medway; Avenue, Baillie Grove; Place; Path; Terrace Carol Clydesdale, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

Maidencraig Court Residents Association

Maidencraig Court, Blackhall Via the Federation Office

Meadowfield, Lady Nairne and Paisley Residents Association

Area bounded by Meadowfield Drive, Duddingston Road West, Willowbrae Road and Ulster Crescent Via the Federation Office

Moredun 4 Multis Residents Association

Little France House, Castleview House, Moredun House and Marytree House

Via the Federation Office

Muirhouse High Rise Action Group

High Rise Blocks in Muirhouse Via the Federation Office

Murrayburn Residents Association


Via the Federation Office

MY Residents Group

Fountainbridge from Gibson Terrace to past Yeaman Place / Dundee Street Via the Federation Office

Niddrie Mill Tenants & Residents Association

Niddrie Mill; Terrace; Grove; Avenue; Crescent; Drive; Place Carol Clydesdale, Neighbourhood Alliance, tel 0131 657 0500, email

North Sightill Residents Association

North Sighthill Via the Federation Office

Oxgangs Central Residents Association

Area within Oxgangs Avenue, Oxgangs Crescent; Oxgangs Drive, Oxgangs Gardens, Oxgangs Place and Oxgangs House Via the Federation Office

Prestonfield Tenants & Residents Association

Prestonfield Via the Federation Office

Ratho Station Residents Association

All of Ratho Station Via the Federation Office

Redbraes Residents Association

Redbraes Via the Federation Office

Restalrig & Lochend House Residents Association

Restalrig House and Lochend House in Restalrig Gardens Via the Federation Office

Southhouse Burdiehouse Residents Organisation

Southhouse and Burdiehouse Via the Federation Office

Sutherland Street Tenants Association

Roseburn / Haymarket Via the Federation Office

Top Block Residents Association

Forteviot House and Moncrieffe House Via the Federation Office

Viewpoint Tenants Representative Group

Tenants of Viewpoint Housing Association in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians Via the Federation Office

West Cromwell, Persevere & Citadel Residents Association

West Cromwell Street, Perserve & Citadel Courts

Via the Federation Office

Westfield Court Residents Association

Westfield Court Via the Federation Office