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Getting Rid of Technology’s Fear Factor and Connectivity for All

ETF has been collaborating with People Know How (PKH) on their Re: Connect project that sees the charity supporting people’s digital literacy by helping them to get the most out of their digital devices. Volunteers from PKH offer digital drop-in sessions for anyone interested, and so far the charity has set up eleven regular drop-ins all over the city. One of the drop-ins set up this spring has seen the tenants of Laichfield Residents’ Association (RA) getting to grips with their digital devices. The sessions have been a hit amongst the residents of the local area.

Christine, the Chair of Laichfield RA, caught up with ETF on the impact of the sessions so far. She says the drop-ins have been enjoyed by the tenants and that it has made a difference to have volunteers there to sit down and work things out with. “It has helped to remove ‘the fear factor’ from digital technology. It has definitely made people less apprehensive, knowing that pressing an unknown button on your tablet’s screen won’t make anything explode”, Christine laughs. Further describing the sessions, Christine said that the volunteers were praised for their patience and helpfulness, and tenants have enjoyed working their way through different devices they own. Tablets, laptops and smart phones have all been brought along, and tenants have learnt both how to operate the devices better as well as how to navigate the internet with more ease. “As well as getting rid of the fear factor, the entire learning process has been great!” Christine concludes. The drop-in sessions at Laichfield are currently on a summer break but will resume in September.

Photo Caption: Laichfield residents exploring their digital devices

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