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ETF Housing Blog

The Work of Shelter Scotland

Shelter Scotland have created a consultation and peer-led model called Time for Change, that includes the voices of people experiencing homelessness and housing problems in shaping and designing solutions to local problems. Time for Change Edinburgh began in April 2019 and since then we have: Held local consultations on local problems and solutions, through the […]

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The benefits of kindness

Showing kindness to each other has a feel-good factor all of its own and yet it costs nothing.  The effect it causes is unique and has the ability to make someone’s day.  Something as simple as a smile can have a mutually positive outcome for both parties; the person showing the kindness and the person […]

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Overcoming Loneliness

If, like many of us, you are someone living with loneliness, then fret not, there is a solution.  This common condition is symptomatic of today’s insular society, and can affect anyone, of any age or background.  We’ve become a nation that favours engaging with social media over interacting with others, thus, robbing us of an […]

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Why tenants’ groups need volunteers to succeed

My name is Paul Vaughan and I’m currently the Chair of Gateside Tenants and Residents Association (GTRA) in Kirkliston.  Our Registered Tenant Organisation is very active and we work throughout the year.  When we finish one project then it’s the start of another. It’s the same with other RTOs and community groups throughout Edinburgh, but […]

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ETF Blog

ETF’s housing blog features stories, reflections and pictures about what’s hot in housing and the communities world. We are looking for contributors to help tell the story of what’s happening in housing in Edinburgh (…and beyond)  and we need YOUR help. If you’re a tenant, work in housing, interested in community development, or just plain passionate about where […]

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Working Together To Combat Poverty

The Poverty Alliance, a national anti-poverty campaigning charity in Scotland, is conducting research with people living in Edinburgh to hear their experiences about struggling financially and living on a low income in Edinburgh.  We are asking people to share their experiences – we want to understand the issues that are facing individuals and families.  These […]

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